Retired Judge Says It Is Time To End War On Marijuana

The Death Penalty in Washington State

Here’s an excerpt of on Op-Ed by retired Whatcom County Superior Court Judge David A. Nichols:

“It is my fervent belief that this state and nation must come to recognize that continuing to treat drug users as criminals perpetuates an evil that rewards the drug sellers and corrupts our society. Until we honestly and appropriately deal with the entire drug issue as a health problem analogous to tobacco or liquor, and not as a ‘war’ we cannot win, we will continue to reap the whirlwind of huge world-wide illegal drug profits which are costing us billions, threatening the stability of nations, causing soaring crime rates and diverting money which is sorely needed elsewhere.” ~ Judge David A. Nichols

Judge Nichols also says that if we ever want to stop the craziness and futility of our present anti-drug approach, we must de-criminalize possession and use of all drugs. Education, addiction treatment and state regulation need to replace arrests, trials, jail sentences, growth of cartels and drug gangs, corrupt government institutions, and the mindless head-bashing against brick walls that characterize what we are doing now.

My opinion?  Way to tell the truth, Judge!

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