Minor DUI

Underage-girl-stopped-for-duiMinor DUI: A minor is guilty of Minor DUI if they operate or maintain physical control of a motor vehicle and the minor:(a) is under the age of twenty-one; and (b) has, within two hours after operating or being in physical control of the motor vehicle, either: (i) an alcohol concentration of at least 0.02, or a THC concentration above 0.00 as shown by analysis of the person’s blood made under RCW 46.61.506. A Minor DUI is a simple misdemeanor, meaning the maximum penalty faced is up to 90 days in jail, and a $1000 fine.


As opposed to standard DUI, minor DUI convictions aren’t as punitive as standard DUI convictions in terms of jail penalties, fines and probation. However, the worst aspect of Minor DUI convictions is acquiring a criminal record at a young age. Today’s youth are just beginning employment and seeking career opportunities in today’s work environment. Minor DUI convictions leave a blemish on their criminal driving record which could haunt them for years to come.


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