Sex Offenses

Sex offenses are some of the most damaging criminal charges one could possibly face. These crime carries serious penalties. Convictions bring prison sentences, sexual deviancy treatment, registration requirements and negative public stigma. Sexual assault convictions also limit future job opportunities and possibly prevent people from seeing their families. The effects are devastating.

As debilitating as sex offense charges are, they often involve little to no physical evidence, alcohol or drug use by defendants and victims alike and no independent witnesses to the alleged criminal act. In short, many of these crimes put one person’s word against another.

Police are trained to isolate defendants, elicit self-incriminating statements from them, recover evidence from crime scenes when it exists, coach alleged victims of the “facts” and persuade Prosecutors to proactively prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. On the other hand, individuals accused of these charges are not nearly as sophisticated. Most people don’t know how to respond in the face of heavy-handed investigations.

Therefore, it is critical to contact attorney Alexander Ransom as soon as possible while the police are actively investigating sexual assault allegations. And please review this blog for more information on handling false allegations of sexual assault.

Attorney Alexander Ransom is a competent and effective sex crimes attorney. His impressive record of jury trial acquittals and dismissals includes sex crimes. Alexander conducts high-quality investigations of all witnesses, often with the use of private investigators. He often actively negotiates resolutions avoiding prison, sex convictions and sex offense registration. Alexander can competently defend against any of the following charges:

If you or someone you care about faces a sex offense in Skagit County or Whatcom County, call attorney Alexander Ransom today for a free, no-pressure case evaluation. Alexander has a reputation in the legal community as an aggressive, effective and experienced criminal defense attorney. He is here to assist you through these difficult times.