arsonArson in the First Degree

First Degree Arson occurs when one knowingly and with malicious intent causes a fire or explosion which is dangerous to another. It also happens if one causes a fire or explosion to a residence or a building where there is a person inside. Finally, a person be charged if they cause a fire to property valued over ten $10,000.00 dollars or more for the purpose of collecting insurance money.

This crime is a Class A felony with a high seriousness level. Consequently, if you are convicted of this offense and have no prior convictions on your record you will face a potential sentence of 123-164 months in prison. Prior felony convictions on one’s record will only increase the potential sentence.

Arson in the Second Degree

Second Degree Arson happens when a person knowingly and maliciously causes a fire or explosion which results in damage to a building or any other structure or property. It is a Class B felony and a seriousness level IV offense punishable by 3-12 months in prison for someone with no prior criminal record. Additional convictions on one’s record increases this sentence could be elevated to as much as 70 months in prison.

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