Catalytic Converter Theft

You’ve seen the news. Apparently, Catalytic Converter Thefts are a growing problem. Thieves have been stealing these devices from cars, trucks, and buses at an alarming rate lately. The precious metals that go into the making a catalytic converter are valuable.

According to the Office of the Insurance Commissioner, the number of catalytic converter thefts increased in Washington by 3,800% between 2019 and 2020. The soaring price of metals is one of the reasons behind the recent spurt in catalytic converter thefts in the country. The stolen car parts fetch a tidy sum on the black market. Recent supply chain disruptions have also led to the current situation.

The department is aware of increased local catalytic converter thefts which are a nuisance and decrease the quality of life in our community. We have dedicated resources to work on this problem and are investigating those responsible. Community members are encouraged to take proactive crime prevention measures to reduce the chance of being victimized.

The process of stealing a catalytic converter is so fast and quiet. Most car owners do not know of the theft until they start their car and hear a loud rattle. Most car owners assume the loud noise is because of a crack in the exhaust and ignore the sound until their next tune-up. These parts are expensive to replace, costing anywhere between $2,000 to $2,500, depending on the model you drive.

Local government is responding in kind. Lawmakers are looking for solutions. Also, the Everett Police initiated Project CATCON ID to promote theft prevention techniques. Here, residents are asked to engrave the last 8 digits of their vehicle identification number (VIN) on the catalytic converter and highlight the number with high temperature paint. If your converter is stolen and reported, if recovered, the police can track it back to the owner.

Please contact my office if you, a friend or family member are charged with Theft or any other crime. Hiring an effective and competent defense attorney is the first and best step toward justice.