New Whatcom County District Court Judge To Be Appointed

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News reporter Robert Mittendorf of the Bellingham Herald reports that Whatcom County Council members will soon appoint a new District Court judge. Applications are being accepted for a vacancy on the Whatcom County District Court that opened this month when Judge David Grant recently retired before his term ended.

Whatcom County District Court consists of two judges, an appointed commissioner and their staff. The court hears cases that include criminal misdemeanors, general civil actions and small claims, infractions including traffic and code violations, and miscellaneous other cases, according to the Whatcom County website.

Grant was a deputy prosecuting attorney in Whatcom County for 18 years before his appointment to the District Court bench in 2004, according to elections records. He ran unopposed in 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018.

“With the aid of jail staff and administration, the (District) Court has been able to implement an array of alternatives to traditional incarceration,” Grant wrote in the 2018 voter pamphlet.

“Sentenced offenders typically serve sentences on electronic home detention or on community service or work programs. For those requiring some form of pretrial supervision, many are released pending trial with minimally invasive forms of electronic or personal reporting alternatives delivered through jail or probation staff. I am proud to be a part of this effort.” ~Judge David Grant

Judge Grant was an excellent judge. I’ve had numerous trials before him, the most memorable ones involving  allegations of Assault and Domestic Violence. Judge Grant ruled with empathy, discipline, humor and evenhandedness. I truly enjoyed conducting trials in his courtroom. Judge Grant, you’ll be missed!

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