Drunk Driving Data Rates By State

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a survey across people in the United States, asking how many times in the last 30 days they drove after admittedly consuming too much alcohol.

Apparently, people who live in Hawaii are the likeliest of those of any state to drive drunk. Mid-westerners also have high rates of drunk driving, according to a new report of drunk driving rates in the United States.

Age and gender played a role as well. Men were responsible for four out of five of the drunk driving incidents, based on the survey data, and people between ages 21 and 34 were much likelier than other age groups to drive while intoxicated, according to the survey data. In fact, men in that age group, who make up just 11 percent of the U.S. population, accounted for nearly a third of the drunk driving incidents.

People who reported driving drunk also reported other types of risky behaviors, such as Binge drinking and not always wearing seat belts. About 85 percent of those who drive drunk also binge drink, and those who didn’t always buckle up reported driving drunk three times as often as those who always wore their seat belts, according to the report.

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