Liberal Cities Are Embracing Conservative Anti-Crime Measures

O.C. prosecutor aims anti-crime campaign at surrounding areas - Los Angeles Times

Politico journalists Paul DemkoJeremy B. White and Jason Beeferman report that liberal cities are embracing conservative anti-crime measures.

The country’s biggest, bluest cities are embracing tough-on-crime policies that would have been politically heretical just a few years ago. They’re increasing criminal penalties and expanding police power amid fear over a rash of brazen crimes like theft, drugs and assaults.

These Democrat-led policy changes mark a stark reversal from 2020. At that time, the growing influence of progressives fueled a national effort to curb police powers and decreae police budgets following the murder of George Floyd.

Now, Democrats are in retreat on criminal justice.

“I don’t believe it’s progressive to allow people to get assaulted on the streets at night. I don’t believe it’s progressive to allow people to sleep in tents. This is not the city I grew up in. It’s not a city I recognize right now.” ~Mark Farrell, a moderate Democrat challenging San Francisco Mayor London Breed.

Blue cities are pushing these harsher policies even as crime has decreased significantly nationwide, following big spikes during the pandemic. It’s the perception of increased crime that is driving many of these changes as Republicans continue to pillory Democrats as weak on law enforcement in the run-up to the presidential election.

“What we’re seeing now is a recognition that we have to lean in and do more as government to provide for the safety and well-being of our residents.” ~Democrat Brooke Pinto, the Washington D.C Councilmember


In San Francisco, voters passed a ballot initiatives to lift restrictions on police operations and screen welfare recipients for drug use — two traditionally conservative proposals that nevertheless resonated with an overwhelmingly Democratic electorate, illustrating voters’ frustration with public drug use.


New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced Wednesday she is deploying the national guard to New York City’s subway system after a violent string of transit attacks, including one instance where a subway conductor was slashed in the neck while on the job.


The nation’s capital has also been beset by angst over crime. Washington D.C. has highest number of murders in more than two decades last year. A series of high-profile crimes in recent months have further heightened anxiety.

My opinion? It appears that politicians are responding to constituents who are fed up with crime problems. The politicization of criminal justice is an important topic in today’s narrative. Democratic Party politicians and officials are trying to cover areas Republicans are successfully jabbing at them – with soft-on-crime policy being the most evident among political strategies the GOP is using against Democratic incumbents.

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