Amid Recession Meth Menace Evolves

Crystal meth: Europe could now see a surge in supply and use

Apparently, the meth problem has grown in the face of dwindling State/County budgets.

My opinion?  It makes sense.  My last blog discussed how heroin use increased in Whatcom County.  Similarly, I would expect meth use to increase as well.  It’s a sad state of affairs.  We’ve all felt the crunch of this economy: people lose their jobs, financial situations seem hopeless, we need to feel better, and, for some, drugs provide the outlet.

Know this: meth is a particularly nasty drug bringing particularly nasty consequences.  Under Washington’s Sentencing Reform Act (SRA), a person with no criminal history is exposed to 12-20 months PRISON for delivering methamphetamine.  RCW 69.50.401(2)(b).  Meth charges are also classified as Class B felonies, which are serious felonies under the SRA.  Finally, delivery charges automatically prohibit a defendant from entering Drug Court.

Please contact my office if you, a friend or family member are charged with a Drug Offense or any other crime. Hiring an effective and competent defense attorney is the first and best step toward justice.