Whatcom DUI Patrols Nab 60 People

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Just so we know the score . . .

Sixty people were arrested for DUI during county-wide emphasis patrols earlier this summer, according to the Whatcom County Traffic Safety Task Force.

The patrols ran from June 21 through July 7, during which time Washington State Patrol troopers, police officers from local cities and Whatcom County Sheriff’s deputies focused on catching impaired drivers.

A grant from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission helped pay for any officers on overtime for the patrols.

Let’s crunch the number: in approximately 17-18 days, the Washington State Patrol arrested 60 people for DUI. That’s about 3-4 people per night, on average. Quite a bit. On the one hand, the news is good if the police are pulling over dangerously inebriated drivers. On the other hand, pulling non-dangerous drivers over an a mere suspicion of drunk driving – and unsupported by probable cause – is illegal and intrusive.

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