Class Action Lawsuit Challenges “Camera Tickets”

Rosen Law Firm in Seattle is currently researching a class action law suit against many Washington cities that operate red light and speed zone cameras in Washington.  If you have paid for a photo enforcement ticket in Washington, they may be interested in representing you and trying to get your money back.
Apparently, the firm is willing to do so at no cost to you unless they win, and then only a percentage of the amount they recover for you. If you are interested and meet the eligibility requirements of 1) having received a photo enforcement ticket; 2) in Washington; and 3) you paid the ticket, please contact the Rosen Law Firm:

My opinion?  I wish success upon this class action!  Red light camera tickets seem like an easy way for cities and counties to fill their coffers.  And it is working.  For example, the city of Balitmore shortened the yellow light on just one intersection and collected $1000’s in traffic light camera violation fines until one alert victim took them to court.   Additionally, I’ve heard complaints (hearsay, I know) that yellow lights times are SHORTENED if a camera is observing the intersection; and that the cameras actually don’t decrease people’s speed.

Good luck, RosenLaw Firm.  Give ’em Hell!   🙂

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