Attorney Alex Ransom Dismissed a Client’s Rape & Kidnapping Charges.

Good News! Attorney Alexander Ransom Successfully Dismissed Rape & Kidnapping Charges.

This high profile case involved media attention from the Bellingham Herald and KGMI News radio.

Mr. Zubenko was charged with Rape in the First Degree and Kidnapping First Degree. Both crimes are Class A felonies exposing him to a possible life term in prison (25 years), lifelong registration as a sex offender, restitution to the victim, and potentially $50,000.00 in court fines. On the night of the incident, the alleged victim reported the defendant and another male coerced her into a car and forcibly raped her outside of a house party they all attended earlier. Despite the allegations, the victim’s medical examination (Rape Kit) from the hospital revealed a lack of evidence regarding whether sexual assault happened. Police reports also indicated she was highly intoxicated before, during and after the incident. While the case was pending, Mr. Ransom persuaded the judge to lower Mr. Zubenko’s bail. Later, Mr. Ransom successfully argued a motion to compel an interview with the alleged victim. She refused, however, to cooperate with the investigations. Given the lack of evidence and uncooperative victim, the State dismissed all charges.